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New Review: Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale

A new review! It's my gift to all of you: hours upon hours of wacky ghost shenanigans, three Christines, FOUR Phantoms, and the endless despair of video game development studio problems. Come for the obvious homages to Phantom of the Paradise and stay for me hating my own grandfather just so much.

Next up, we'll be doing another game - 2017's Maestro: Dark Talent, which the internet promises me involves mean divas, magical songs, and cult worshipers, so we probably literally can't go wrong. (For those of you who voted in the last Tumblr poll, this is the next one down the list that hasn't been reviewed yet; after this, we'll go back in time a bit to pick up the games from the late aughts.)

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