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Cleaning Up My Act: Polls and Things

Me recognizing that I run my site like some kind of foraging goblin but refusing to do anything about it

So if you've been around the Phantom Library for long, either recently or back when it was merely a Phantom Project and I was desperately trying to organize it on a wiki, you've probably noticed that I love polls. It's one part scientific method, one part circus in the round, and one part a need for that sweet, sweet internet validation: I am theoretically trying to do this in a certain way, but I also recognize that the reviews are more crowd-pleasing entertainment than they are Serious Scholarship and also I keep getting stalled when I try to follow the rules to the letter. (Even though they're my rules. Even I am not the boss of me.)

So, welcome to the cleaned-up version of the new site poll, which you'll see in the sidebar to the right on the main page! Every time a review goes up, I'll try to do the next review of whatever public consensus says they'd like to see next, and the poll will reset with new options. For the moment, I'm deciding what goes on the poll, but we'll see what it looks like in the future; this month is sort of all over the map about when these things came out, due to incorporating some past poll winners in deference to everyone who voted for them, but going forward I'll be trying to have everything in the vague ballpark of chronological. Just chronological with options.

So, anyway, the radio buttons are there waiting for you to click on them. I also fixed a few other issues, including the weird color problems on this blog, that should make browsing a little easier.

And now I'd better go get started on my next review, so that it doesn't take too long before this poll's results become a reality!

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