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Library Update: Foreign Language Fiction!

Another new section has been added to the library - foreign language fiction!

There are a lot of neat novels in languages other than English out there, and now you can easily find them, so if you're a reader in other languages, take a look and see if there's something you might have missed!

The guidelines for the section are these:

1) Books are in a language other than English (where a non-Roman alphabet or glyph system is used, these are reproduced as faithfully as possible).

2) Books are all fiction; nonfiction in other languages stays in the nonfiction section.

3) Books are all original works; translations of books that were originally published in English are not included. (Maybe someday in their own section, or if any of these languages ends up with enough materials for its own sub-section, but for now!)

If you know of foreign-language books I've missed, let me know - I'm primarily an English-speaker, so this is an area where everyone else can definitely help out.

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