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The Phantom Library: Spring Updates

Still here, still reading, and now with a nice big basket of updates! In no particular order, spring cleaning has resulted in the following updates to the Phantom Library:

Updated all Library Lists. The Library is fully updated with all the new Phantom materials I've been able to find up through the beginning of May. Hopefully, we won't fall so far behind again!

Updated Library List Interfaces. The tables of Phantom-related materials in the library were getting so large, in some cases, that they were becoming unwieldy (looking at you, Fiction and Short Story sections). They've been updated to a slightly different format to allow for faster loading and easier navigation.

Removed Copy Listings. I've removed all the "does the project have a copy" columns from the Library listings. Y'all don't need to know that, and now we can have bigger fonts!

Fixed the Submission Box. Updates to code broke the "Ask Anne Anything" box, so it's been replaced with a new functioning one! (The questions no longer go directly to Tumblr, though, so I may answer either there or here.)

Reordered Drop-Down Menus. All drop-down menus now show their options in alphabetical order, because what on earth was I thinking.

Sleeker Headline. The heading and graphics for the site have been reduced in size and space has been tightened up, to help the site be more easily navigable and translate to mobile better.

Additional Ported Reviews. Progress on moving over the old reviews from the old site is still slow, but several more book reviews in the Fiction section made it over. The only outstanding reviews remaining are the rest of the Fiction and then everything in the Short Story section.

I lack a new actual review... for now. But stay tuned, as always!

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