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POTO: The Phantom of the Opera Magazine Removed

Hey, folks!

I was recently reached out to by folks involved in the creation of the POTO: The Phantom of the Opera Magazine fanzine way back in the day, who expressed concerns about having digitized copies of it hosted here. Since there are copyright concerns involving many of the images contained in the 'zine, as well as issues with contacting and obtaining permission from all the authors involved, I have removed the one issue that was hosted here, and it will also be coming down off of the Internet Archive.

Back when I started out on this project, I let folks know that some 'zines might end up not being shared due to concerns from creators or copyright holders, so this is just one of those times. Other 'zines continue to be digitized, and I'll keep you all updated with any further developments.

Thanks to everyone who's been supportive, and to those who originally worked on this 'zine for letting me know to remove it!

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