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Phantom Fanzines: Now Live!

If you've been following me over on Tumblr, you might know that I've been working on an extra side project for the Phantom Project here: digitizing and preserving old Phantom-based fanzines! You'll see them with their own tab up at the top of the page now.

Unlike the Phantom Project proper, I won't be reviewing any of the fanfiction or fanart in these; instead, we're just going to digitize them and provide them online for fans who may not have been around in the late 80s through 90s to take a look at a little piece of Phantom fandom history (with some help from our awesome friends over at The Internet Archive). Most 'zines are in English but a few are in German or Dutch, and all of them were created by and for fans, back in the misty days before we could all just easily shoot each other a message to talk about these things.

You'll notice that only a few 'zines are up yet; the process of digitizing them and making sure the text is corrected takes a while, so it'll be an ongoing thing. I also don't have all the issues of every 'zine that ever existed - or even any of some of them! - so some of these collections are incomplete. If you are an old hoary fan grown back in the 80s and 90s and you have 'zine issues that you don't see here and you want to help out, reach out and let me know!

In personal news, by this time next week I will be officially finished with my Masters Degree - hallelujah, right? I anticipate having more time to get back into the Phantom Library spirit, and I'll see you all then!

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