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Some Phantom materials have become rare for various reasons; they might have gone out of print, were never commonly available in the United States, or predate the internet by so long that it's hard to come by copies.  Obviously, this makes me very sad - how can I enjoy and review Phantom materials if I can't find them?


That's where all of you come in!  If you have any news about where to get any of the materials on this page, or you have a copy of something (including anything I don't already have a copy of in the Libraryand you'd like to donate it, use the form below to tell me about it!  I'll be very grateful and give you a very prestigious shout-out on the blog, where your fame will rest undying.

Phantom Materials Currently At Large

Help the Library Out!


The Phantom of the Opera Mystery Game

published by Hasbro, 1963

A Century Away

by T. A. Chappel

Midnight Secrets

by Lisa Rose Olick

Beautiful Lives: The Prelude to Eternal Love

by Angel Taormina

Opera Za no Kaijin

(The Phantom of the Opera)

by Yatsuki Yako

Phantom Ending: A Phantom of the Opera Story

by Colleen Michelle Johnson

Ye ban ge sheng xu ji

(Song at Midnight II)

directed by Ma-xu Weibang

Ye ban ge sheng shan ji


directed by Chiu Feng Yuan

The Phantom of the Opera: The Heart and the Mask

by Daniela Jannuzzi

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