November 13, 2019

Today's question from the mailbag:


"Tell us more: Are you ever going to review books again?"


You bet I am!


If you just found the Phantom Library recently, or you've been around since the dawn of time but you missed the announcements (which is both possible and reasonable since there was that whole bounce from different platforms in the middle), you might be looking at the site and wondering why there have been only video game reviews since... um... 2015. Which is a long time, so this is a reasonable thing to wonder about.


For a long time, I was stalled on reviews. Part of it was that I had to move everything from the old Blogger and PBWorks platforms over here to the new site, as well as adding on the 'zines project and revamping everything. Part of it was that, realizing that it had been a decade (a decade y'all) since I started the original project, some of it was in desperate need of updating and editing. And part of it was personal stuff; I have a severe chr...

November 13, 2019


Well, that was quick!


After updating several reviews and grades, the combined Hall of Fame & Shame got too unwieldy to update and navigate very quickly! So it's now been split into two: the Hall of Fame gives you quick links to the highest-rated materials that have been reviewed, and the Hall of Shame gives you an easy way to find the reviews where I most needed a drink.


That'll teach me to be lazy and think one section will do when it ought to be two.

September 18, 2019

Today's question from the mailbag:


"Tell us more: Are you going to review Leroux's book?"


I don't know if I actually have a clear answer to that!


Way back when I first started what would eventually become the Phantom Library, all the way back in 2007, I did review Leroux's book. It was the first thing I did, so I could make sure I had a recent reading of it under my belt and it would be fresh in my mind as I went on to review things based on it. It was Leonard Wolf's translation, which is no longer considered one of the better ones, but I had a good time with it.


But at this point, there have been zillions (or some slightly less extensively exaggerated number) of reviews of Leroux's novel by folks in the community who are better qualified than I am - scholars of period French literature, people who have spent time researching and working with the original text, linguists who speak better French than I do (which isn't hard, considering most of my French is from o...

September 2, 2019

After a few requests, I've got a new section under the Phantom Reviews tab: the Hall of Fame (and Shame), where the best and worst reviewed materials are linked for those looking for a great adaptation or the chance to read about me making agonized noises at the worst ones.


The rules are pretty simple for the moment: if I gave a piece of media an A, it made the Hall of Fame, and if I gave it a D or an F, it made the Hall of Shame.  You might notice that the Hall of Shame is a little sparse at the moment; that's because I'm still (!) working on porting over old reviews (mostly novels and short stories) from the old site, so some of the real catastrophes haven't yet made it over to the new one to be linked.  They'll appear there as they get added in.


Thank you to everyone who wrote in requesting a simple and easy way to watch me suffer.  <3

March 28, 2019

Another new section has been added to the library - foreign language fiction!


There are a lot of neat novels in languages other than English out there, and now you can easily find them, so if you're a reader in other languages, take a look and see if there's something you might have missed!


The guidelines for the section are these:


1) Books are in a language other than English (where a non-Roman alphabet or glyph system is used, these are reproduced as faithfully as possible).

2) Books are all fiction; nonfiction in other languages stays in the nonfiction section.

3) Books are all original works; translations of books that were originally published in English are not included.  (Maybe someday in their own section, or if any of these languages ends up with enough materials for its own sub-section, but for now!)


If you know of foreign-language books I've missed, let me know - I'm primarily an English-speaker, so this is an area where everyone else can definitely hel...

March 13, 2019

It's time for another new section of the library, also long overdue - Audiobooks!


Whether you like to listen to a soothing baritone discuss kidnapping in the car on your way to work or a full production of histrionic screams while you're getting your groove on, the library now has a list for you.


The section includes audiobook versions of any and all Phantom-related materials, so that means both adaptations of Leroux's original novel and audiobook recordings of later sequels, fiction, and other stuff.  Keep in mind that this section only has audio adaptations of the book - for full radio plays or musical adaptations, check out the Radio Shows or Music sections.


Happy listening!

January 24, 2019

It's 2019 and it's well past time to pay some attention to Leroux's original novel!  The Library has always had plenty of adaptations, but translations of the original weren't represented... until now.


If you're interested in all the different languages the original novel has been translated into, take a look at our new Translations section (it's also in the drop-down menu for the Phantom Library at the top of the page).  It will archive all the translations of Leroux's novel I'm able to find, including their titles in their proper language and English and where to find them for borrowing or purchase.


A few notes on the section:


  These are translations of only Leroux's novel.  Adaptations in different languages are not represented (although they might get their own section some time soon. Stay tuned as I sort through reams of material!).

  Childrens' adaptations of Leroux's novel are not included; they're different enough that the Library considers them transfo...

May 11, 2018

Still here, still reading, and now with a nice big basket of updates!  In no particular order, spring cleaning has resulted in the following updates to the Phantom Library:


•  Updated all Library Lists.  The Library is fully updated with all the new Phantom materials I've been able to find up through the beginning of May.  Hopefully, we won't fall so far behind again!


•  Updated Library List Interfaces.  The tables of Phantom-related materials in the library were getting so large, in some cases, that they were becoming unwieldy (looking at you, Fiction and Short Story sections).  They've been updated to a slightly different format to allow for faster loading and easier navigation.


•  Removed Copy Listings.  I've removed all the "does the project have a copy" columns from the Library listings.  Y'all don't need to know that, and now we can have bigger fonts!


•  Fixed the Submission Box.  Updates to code broke the "Ask Anne Anything" box, so it'...

October 15, 2015

Hey, there, everybody!


After many long years at our old home on PBWorks, it was time for a change.  The Project has been partially inactive for a while due to a lot of life issues on the part of the reviewer, but here we are, back, re-energized, and ready to enjoy even more weird, obscure, or altered versions of the Phantom story!

So what's new at the Phantom Project?  Well, a few important things:


     1) The old "Project Progress Page" is now housed in the Phantom Library, where every version, spin-off, sequel, or adaptation I can find has its own entry.  They're organized by type of material, and you can sort each listing by date, title, author, or publisher, rather than having to scroll all the way through a gargantuan list each time.


     2) Each Phantom material in the library has links, if I was able to find them, to places where you can download, purchase, or look for a copy of your own.  Hopefully, that'll make it easier for everyone to go out there...

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