May 24, 2020

This review has been a long time coming: the 2009 indie film Angel of Music, which people have been yelling at me about from the second it debuted. I hope you enjoy the experience of reading it more than I enjoyed the experience of watching it, which I may or may not still be undergoing. It's difficult to tell at this point.


Next up will be Cecilia Dominic's steampunk fantasy romance Clockwork Phantom, and I'm looking forward to a brand new book after all this time!

February 27, 2017

After a few years of mystery, we have the names of the singers in the 1990 Richardson/Dance movie The Phantom of the Opera, courtesy of an eagle-eyed reader!  The opera singing characters in the film are all dubbed by professional opera singers, but while we knew the actors weren't singing themselves, we haven't known who was until now.


  • The Phantom is sung by Gérard Garino, a French operatic tenor who has also sung in some professionally filmed operas.

  • Christine is sung by Michele Lagrange, a French operatic soprano with an illustrious career including singing where the original Christine actually did, at the Paris Opera.

  • Carlotta is sung by Hélia T'Hézan, a French operatic soprano with a few credits to her name in French opera.

  • Faust (Alfredo) is sung by Jean Dupouy, a French operatic baritone with several concert appearances.

  • Mephisto (Oroyeso) is sung by Jacques Mars, a French operatic bass-baritone especially famous for singing the role of Mephisto in...

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