October 15, 2015

Hey, there, everybody!


After many long years at our old home on PBWorks, it was time for a change.  The Project has been partially inactive for a while due to a lot of life issues on the part of the reviewer, but here we are, back, re-energized, and ready to enjoy even more weird, obscure, or altered versions of the Phantom story!

So what's new at the Phantom Project?  Well, a few important things:


     1) The old "Project Progress Page" is now housed in the Phantom Library, where every version, spin-off, sequel, or adaptation I can find has its own entry.  They're organized by type of material, and you can sort each listing by date, title, author, or publisher, rather than having to scroll all the way through a gargantuan list each time.


     2) Each Phantom material in the library has links, if I was able to find them, to places where you can download, purchase, or look for a copy of your own.  Hopefully, that'll make it easier for everyone to go out there...

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